Children read about history at Eureka Kids daycare

How ‘Jana’s school’ became Eureka Kids

It began in 1991 and as many other typical entrepreneurial stories, Eureka Kids preschool sprung up from an idea. My eldest daughter entered a montessori school, and being a typical parent, I was closely monitoring her progress. The montessori system inspired me: it showed me that children are very capable of academic work, much earlier than I had suspected; however, I also felt that their program could be improved. All my life I was interested in the process of learning and innovation, but it was then that I started to experiment with a new, better educational tool for young children.
I opened a small daycare centre in my home, focusing on academic learning balanced with free time that was mostly enjoyed outside. The kids started to call it "Jana's School". I began to design and prepare worksheets and eventually workbooks, for each child. I would closely observe their interaction with my material, and track their individual progress, adjusting the program, adapting and improving it. I quickly learned that each child progresses along a different trajectory. To this day we still adjust and adapt the system to suit our children's growing needs. We feel that this is an important part of the strength of our program: that it is fluid, growing, and developing as children's needs demand. Over the years, the Eureka Kids learning system has become an adaptable, dynamic program that challenges children academically, and aids their growth in many different areas. Our fully integrated, proprietary workbook program, is now built upon an enormous database of feedback, and 19 years of hands-on experience. Our reputation has grown fast: children who attend Eureka Kids preschool have excellent results. We outgrew the capacity of our first classroom within a few years, and relocated to an environment that could accommodate more. Since then, the principles of Port Credit public schools have recognized that our readers are consistently top of the class in the early grades.Expanding on our success, we are currently opening our second location in Caledon, near the town of Erin. We hope to do for this country community what we have done in Port Credit: we want to give more children a solid head start in their education, and we want to do it right.Jana Vondrejs, principal

Eureka Kids is pleased to announce that our Caledon/Erin location
is now open!

Our Caledon/Erin location is offering full & part-time care and education for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. A limited number of spaces for the youngest age group (18 months to 2.5 years) are also available.

The school is located in a pristine natural environment at the border of Caledon and Erin Townships on Winston Churchill Boulevard, just two minutes north of Olde Baseline Road.

The same strong Eureka Kids educational system will be enriched by the beautiful natural setting and used to it's full advantage for a variety of outdoor learning and physical activities.

Space is limited, so please contact us for more information. Registration forms are posted now!