A Kielen

Hi, my name is Kielen, I am 4 years old; I can sing in tune and perform in front of an audience of a hundred people and I started to read stories when I was three years old.

B Joe

Hi! My name is Joe, I am 5 years old: I learned to read 650 words, I can add and subtract and recognize numbers up to 1000...and I did it all in 10 months.

C Thea

Hi, my name is Thea, I am 5 years old; I am very shy but I love books and can read 210 words in two minutes.

D Sara

Hi, my name is Sara. I am 6 years old, and I love sports! I have been at Eureka since I was 3 and I know how to take care of the little kids. I can also read over 850 words, do double digit addition and subtraction and word problems.

Eureka Kids is pleased to announce that our Caledon/Erin location
is now open!

Our Caledon/Erin location is offering full & part-time care and education for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. A limited number of spaces for the youngest age group (18 months to 2.5 years) are also available.

The school is located in a pristine natural environment at the border of Caledon and Erin Townships on Winston Churchill Boulevard, just two minutes north of Olde Baseline Road.

The same strong Eureka Kids educational system will be enriched by the beautiful natural setting and used to it's full advantage for a variety of outdoor learning and physical activities.

Space is limited, so please contact us for more information. Registration forms are posted now!