The Eureka Kids Philosophy

Diverse Ability

Most parents and educators realize that children are unique, diverse, and multifaceted individuals. At Eureka Kids Preschool, we try to nourish these differences: our program does not confine children, rather it adapts itself around their needs. In our gradual learning program, children always work at their own pace and ability level. A typical problem in public schools, is that classrooms are full of both overwhelmed children, as well as those who are bored and under-challenged. At Eureka Kids there is no set standard to which we hold any child, and generally we have found that this brings the most out of everyone. In our program, children are challenged just to the point that they have the confidence and experience to handle.

An Early Start

We feel strongly that an early start to education is crucial to long term success. Therefore we slowly introduce even our youngest children to early and age appropriate schoolwork, designed to expand their attention span, fine motor skills, and ability to make visual observations and logical conclusions. By the time of their graduation, our senior kindergarten students are well prepared for the early grades, typically surpassing the reading and math requirements of the public system by a whole grade level.


At Eureka Kids preschool our desire to prepare children for the early grades does not overshadow our wish to provide a balanced environment for our young children. We teach music and arts, as well as reading and math. We balance structured time with free time; mental with physical development. Our children are given room to interact socially and play creatively, with caring guidance to help them work through social conflicts. Our teachers work sensitively and carefully to teach all of our children social skills such as cooperation and sharing, as well as intrapersonal skills such as self-regulation and emotional management. The goal is to teach the children to handle conflict independently; our older children often model this behavior and use their growing leadership skills to teach the younger ones. From this type of balance, comes a child’s healthy, well rounded development.

Eureka Kids is pleased to announce that our Caledon/Erin location
is now open!

Our Caledon/Erin location is offering full & part-time care and education for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. A limited number of spaces for the youngest age group (18 months to 2.5 years) are also available.

The school is located in a pristine natural environment at the border of Caledon and Erin Townships on Winston Churchill Boulevard, just two minutes north of Olde Baseline Road.

The same strong Eureka Kids educational system will be enriched by the beautiful natural setting and used to it's full advantage for a variety of outdoor learning and physical activities.

Space is limited, so please contact us for more information. Registration forms are posted now!